we strive for a high level of cooperation with our clients, partners, and other market players, as well.

Our 100 % Hungarian-owned company was established in 2007.

Our goal is to offer the most modern international scientific and practical principles, tools and solutions in the area of information management to our clients.

We are building a company where it is good to work and whose products and services offer quality our clients can rely on.

Barátságos munkahelyi környezet

At the time of its foundation the two main activities of TRC were boundary- and network protection system integration and organisational development consultancy.


As a result of our strategic development we have been steadily expanding our portfolio of information security products and services since 2010, with the aim of becoming a key market player in Hungary and in the Central- and Eastern European region by providing high-quality, complex solutions to our clients.

Regarding our solutions we continuously strive to obtain the highest level of certification from manufacturers.

In 2015 the proprietor of TRC purchased Proyet Kft, which enriched us with a further product portfolio, expertise, and connections with manufacturers.

Our philosophy is that “We are not working for, but together with someone”. Accordingly, we strive for a high level of cooperation with our clients, partners, and other market players, as well.

For this cooperation we provide continuously trained, talented and motivated experts experienced in corporate environments.


Since 2015 we have been operating a quality- and information security control system rated as unique by certification bodies, as well. The same year, we were authorised by the national security supervisory body for the use and secure storage of data certified nationally as “Top secret”, NATO “Secret” or EU “Confidential”.

As employers our principal goal is to create a modern, motivating, and healthy work environment, in which we build a pleasant community together with our colleagues.


Our operations are profitable, with our sales revenue increasing each year.