TR Consult


Design and implementation of internal and perimeter network security solutions

As part of our network security services, we integrate next generation firewall security systems to secure network perimeter and internal zones. We also provide intrusion prevention systems (IPS), data leakage prevention (DLP), content filtering and traffic control solutions, which can perform high-level security function even in SSL secure channel.

Authentication and access control on network
and logic layers

At TRC we provide user and device authentication and access control on both network and logic layers, ensuring cooperation with corporate directory services, as well as development and implementation of BYOD strategy. Relating to this, we offer Mobile Device Management and design secure access solutions. Our competence covers Identity Management and the design, deployment and harmonization of privileged access control.

Information system audit, penetration testing,
legal hacking

Our 13+ years of experience in ethical hacking boosted with a complex engineering approach enable us to identify and assess the vulnerabilities of IT systems, to develop risk adjusted action plans for managing these mapped vulnerabilities. For us, it is absolutely substantial that our documentations and impact analysis meet the audited organization’s needs and expectations.

Computer forensics

When IT anomalies, disruptions, potential compromises or security breaches happen, our experts identify root causes and factors that contribute to these incidents and develop a plan to avoid such events in the future. Our advanced methodology, which integrates international protocols of computer forensics, broad engineering and consulting experience and our solid approach, enables us to comprehensively analyze the issue and discover the causes and conditions in full depth.

Integration, development and review of
IT security processes

Our general system approach, profound IT security competence and broad system integration experience make us competent to coherently analyze the IT security processes of organizations that serve as a solid ground for our efficiency improvement and security enhancement proposals. If required, we develop new processes.

Structured analysis of security systems logs
and reports

In case of advanced IT systems there is regulatory and/or corporate interest for central analysis of security logs. We participate in the deployment of SIEM systems, design of processes, quality assurance and valuation of results. We also process and report the security logs of new generation security systems as well as the measurement results of vulnerability testing tools.

Moreover, we help our clients, both as system engineers and as consultants, how to apply and profit from these reports within their organization.

Integration and quality assurance of
IT security investments

Our professional insight, constantly developing competencies and many years of experience qualify us to reliably assist the preparation, tender and integration of IT security investments. In case of third party implementation, we provide supreme quality assurance for our clients.


We support our clients’ IT security systems applying the ITIL approach, offering wide range of services from customized availability to fully outsourced operating support.
Our 24/7 support service provides efficient and fast technical support due to our close relationship with vendors and manufacturers.

IT management and IT security consulting

We firmly believe that IT management and security requires a multi-path approach. We are committed to support our clients in making the best decision by offering them new perspectives to manage their issues. Meanwhile, we provide holistic professional and management consulting services.