TR Consult



Business process management (ARIS, BPR, etc.)

For BPM, after assessing existing business processes we optimize them
by different drivers such as quality, efficiency, economic, compliance and security, depending on our client’s requirements.

Corporate operational risk management, business impact analysis (BIA)

Our operational risk management and BIA service covers the analysis of potential losses occurring from any disruption of various resources (HR, facility, IT, etc.) that support the assessed business processes, as well as the proposals for risk mitigating measures.

Business continuity planning

Business continuity planning aims to mitigate the potential business losses occurring from the disruption of process backing resources (HR, facility, IT, etc.). Our complex, holistic methodology includes temporary modification of processes and business as usual, resource management solutions and the setup of organizing and logistic competencies.

Compliance services

Our sector specific compliance services cover EU and Hungarian regulatory, standard and parent company related compliance procedures.

Quality management services

For our clients’ IT and information security projects and deliverables
we provide quality assurance in a way that is both reproducible and measureable, using international and Hungarian quality management standards and principles.


IT security audit, human-vulnerability testing (social engineering)

IT security audit and human-vulnerability testing can serve various goals, like examining compliance with IT management regulations, identifying IT management system malfunctions and discovering vulnerabilities of human resources.

Information security risk assessment

In risk assessment, we identify and analyze potential threats to the IT system and its resources, determine the risk tolerance of these resources and then quantify the potential business impact of occurring risk events.

Designing information security management systems (ISMS) and regulations (ISR)

We define requirements, functions and responsibilities in order to ensure that the security level of a corporate IT system can be constantly developed and maintained on a requested level.

Information security training, raising awareness

Toward actual efficiency, implemented systems and processes should become the part of ordinary operation of well-trained experts. Therefore, we gladly share our up-to-date cutting edge knowledge of information security with our clients via organized training courses and awareness programs. Furthermore, we also offer customized on-the-job trainings that enables our clients to acquire profound knowledge of the implemented systems and to maintain efficiency in their day-to-day operation.

Disaster recovery procedures (DRP)

Crisis and disaster recovery planning includes the risk adjusted design, establishment and testing of competencies (procedures, resources, etc.) that facilitates organized recovery and restoration of resources in an optimal recovery timeframe.